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8 piezoelectric transducers look like toilet paper rolls and are attached to poles, near water.

Spotlight: Sep 6, 2023

A new system enables battery-free underwater communication over long distances, for monitoring climate and coastal change. “We are creating a new ocean technology and propelling it into the realm of the things we have been doing for 6G cellular networks,” says Fadel Adib.

Sep 6, 2023

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Solar panel on thatched grass roof

MITEI spinoff Waya Energy helps countries expand access to sustainable and affordable electricity. “We are able to look at the entire spectrum of need and demand and say, ‘OK, what might be the most optimized solution?’” Reja Amatya PhD ’12 says.

Hayami Arakawa and Randall Briggs use large machine and stare at a drill-bit inside the Hobby Shop.

For 85 years, MIT community members have come to the Hobby Shop to build their passion projects. “We provide the space, machinery, and materials needed to refine your idea and work on it without time restraints or grades,” says Hayami Arakawa.

From left, Ariel Ekblaw, Juliana Cherston, Dava Newman, Danielle Wood, and Nataliya Kosmyna.

These five women at the MIT Media Lab are advancing aerospace science and research, driven by a love of our home planet.“Mars is not planet B. It’s all about how we can live better here on Earth,” says Dava Newman.

About 25 Motorsports team members smile, with an "MIT Motorsports" logo on wall behind them

Via @mitedgertoncenter on Instagram: Congratulations @mitmotorsports for your great achievements at the Formula SAE Electric Competition! @MIT placed 11th in Cost Event and 17th in Business out of 67 teams.

Rebecca Berry portrait with skyline in background

Through her architecture firm, Rebecca Berry ’95, MArch ’99 is helping colleges get smarter about decarbonizing existing structures. “Universities are really leading the charge when it comes to climate,” partly in response to student demand, she says.

Top view of a demo showing 2 robot arms, manipulating a white bucket labeled “Mr. Bucket.”

MIT researchers developed an AI technique that enables a robot to develop complex plans for manipulating an object using its entire hand, not just the fingertips. This model can generate effective plans in about a minute using a standard laptop.

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